Monday, February 13, 2006

Day 3

Here is where my Knitting Sampler stands at the end of Day 3. As you can see it has gained a couple of inches with the completion of the Stockinette and Making Connections Events. I now move into the Three Ribbings; K1P1, twisted rib and K2P2. This looks to be a long event. Time will tell. As I look back, I see I could have done a better job on the Garter Stitch Event...but that is history and I have another twenty two events to go.


Anonymous said...

You "should" have done a better job on garter stitch? Echoing my workshop philosopy -- remember, it's only a sampler. Good going!

Anonymous said...

Just curious - what kind of loom did you use for the Mr. Clean? And what epi did you use?

Notes from Nicki said...

Hi Leah! I used a portable Shannock tapestry loom. They have a website on the internet where you can see what they look like. I used a variable epi. Where the doors are I used about an 8 epi and for the tv part I used a 12. I left a fairly large space on the warp between the TV and the doors so the tapestry would fold and the doors would open and close. I do this on scarves so they will fold where I want them to. It seems to work on tapestry as well.