Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tie On a Warp - how much faster?

Weavers are an odd bunch,  They have odd habits, save odd bits of stuff, wear odd shoes and wonder odd things.  One thing I have often  wondered is how much faster tie-ing on a warp would be over simply starting a fresh and threading the heddles.   It is obviously faster - but by how much? This is probably not something the majority of the world has wondered about, but today I have the opportunity to check it out.

I have the end of warp I used for slap bracelets which I would like to continue to use and tie on a new warp.  The warp is on my Purrington 8 harness table loom.  I have done this before so it's no big deal. It's just a lot of knots to tie.  I would like to add another warp of the same size next to it so I can weave two slap bracelets in the same pattern at the same time.  I moved the existing warp over so in the end the entire piece will be centered in the reed.  So my existing warp is ready to tie-on.

My Purrington loom read to warp
I am going to put on the new warp first and time how long it takes.  Then I'll work on the existing warp. It should take longer since I need to go through the reed as well as the heddles.  I am interested in how much longer.  So in order to find out, I must get off the computer...

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pick Three!

Designing Weavers is having an exhibit at the Escondido Municipal Gallery to compliment the annual fiber and book art exhibit going on August 22-September 29th at the gallery.   In the past I have exhibited in the West Coast Fiber Book Art Exhibit but this year I simply ran out of time. So it's nice Designing Weavers will be able to have an exhibit along side.  

If you check out the postcard for the exhibit on the website you will notice Deanna's California Spring Sprang is on the postcard.  This was her 'exhibition' piece created during our color study of tetrads.  Congratulations Deanna! 

Anyway, this afternoon I need to select three of these nine beetles to show and get them in the mail.  They are each eight inches square mounted on aluminum.  The photo isn't the best; tough to get them all in the photo, appear square and be clear. This is the best I could do with little time, a headache and photo shop.   It's tough to pick since each is unique and each is special to me.  I'll probably select those that haven't been on a trip lately...

You'll need to check out the exhibit if you want to see which three I select.  Or wait until I go to the reception, take some photos of the exhibit and show them here.