Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two Dozen Beetles

Now that the That's Sooo Seaside exhibit is up and the opening over, things have started to settle down.  Although it was a fun project and the final exhibit was fabulous it was surprisingly much more time consuming than I had ever imagined.  Now that it is over, I am happy to say I actually have time to design and weave!

These are some beetle designs I have wanted to weave for quite a long time.  They are a simple design with a multitude of permutations in the markings and antennae.  I have six done with 18 more to go.

I am creating 24 beetle coasters for an upcoming Designing Weavers Exhibit & Sale in November.   This will be my second set of coasters in a hopefully long series. Last year I decided I would create a new set of coasters with a different beetle design every year.  Something for the collector in all of us.     Last year, I thought I would do a Thailand beetle for the 2011 series but my 16 harness loom is busy on the Beetle Series Take Two project.   Looks like next year will be the year for that.

The rest of this beetle material is for a long jacket lapel.  I am hoping it will go well with some of the material I wove last year as past of my stash reduction project.

I have re-evaluated and re-stated all my weekly goals; my Woven Wanna Do's, through Spring of next year... one of my near time goals is to weave two of these beetles a week until I am done.  Of course, I have other items on the list for the week I am off to weave...