Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cheirotonus gestroi at two Setts

I have not been weaving with fine threads for awhile.  After warping up the loom with yards and yards of warping thread, selecting a design to test, checking the threading, I started to weave a beetle.   I then slept wrong and the muscles on one arm didn't like the motion I need to make to weave on my sixteen harness.  Hence the break.

I wove yesterday, enough to get to the top of the beetle and decided after a bit  my arm did not want to weave anymore.  Perhaps this afternoon I'll finish this one up.

As you may recall, I am starting my second series of beetles which I wish to be more vibrant, more realistic yet still artistic and better to view from about five feet away to up close.   I've changed the sett from 48 to 40 based on my Red Totems study of sett as well as now have four colors of warp.  As I weave I will have four beetles finished at a time; each on a different color warp as well as a different background color.  Three beetles will be great but one should be fabulous.

Here you can see the big difference a small difference in sett makes.  I used pretty much the same pattern and same types threads for both of these beetles.  The new one on the right is woven at 40 epi while the one on the left is one from my first series woven at 48 epi.

I just love this photo.  It says a lot so quickly that it would take too much time to describe...