Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still time to finish things this year...

I have left the holidays behind and am focused on my creative side with a vengeance.

Just today I wove eight inches of taquete finishing two beetles leaving three more for my piece I'd like to enter into one of the Convergence exhibits. It looks especially good. Am looking forward to seeing it off the loom. It's about a yard long so I can only see what's visible on the outside of the front beam.

In addition, this week I have cut out over a hundred squares to piece together my lining material for my mystery story coat and today I finished making my silk mahjong tiles which will also be pieced into the lining.

For those mahjong novices, the tiles in the photo is a winning hand called the Sparrow's Sanctuary. It consists of fourteen tiles all in one suit - bamboos. For all the years, I have played mahjong, I have never had this hand. It's almost a hole in one if playing golf.

For those interested, these tiles were designed so that each tile has a slightly different background color. I scanned the tiles from my mahjong set and spent hours making them look the way I wanted them to look in photoshop. In the end they were printed on silk in my ink jet printer.