Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spring is here...

How Lovely 100 Laces Can Be!

Winter is almost over so it's time to start planning for Spring.

 To me, Spring means Spring cleaning.  Happily, our closets and garages look quite respectable so this year I'll be focusing on my looms.  Time for each to have a good overhaul.  And that includes replacing those ratty old shoelaces and replacing them with nice smooth shiny new ones.  I just received my order of 100 from Nadine, the Singing Weaver.  She indeed has the best ones.   I bought a bunch of them years ago when I took her workshop and she showed all the various uses of the laces.

My table looms that I use for taquete work quite hard and the polyester warp is tough on those laces.  My tapestry loom starting needing laces awhile ago.  Indeed, I am always seem to be looking for a couple of shoelaces.  Sadly, my stash is now empty.    

I must admit to you, the thought of tying on a new warp with nice new shoelaces makes me feel all warm and toasty.

Undoubtedly summer is just around the corner.