Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Just did two passes of tabby on my new warp...boing! 17 broken black warps, 3 yellow... 5 dark grey... 2 orchid... turns out the new reed is rubbing, actually cutting the warp! Re-sleying the warp with the old reed and will see how it works...more later...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today I Feel Like Colour

I am getting back into the swing of things...I have been warping a loom for a project for my Study Group on colour.

For this project we are free to study any aspect of colour that we would like. Thus, I am going for the jugular and studying how I can improve the color gradations of my beetle series.

I would like to weave the 'final 48'...those I want to show as my Collection of Beetles from Thailand. Everything to date has been preliminary, exploratory, fun and rewarding. But the final 48 I would like to be masterpieces. I would like them all in a similar colour scheme with a full palette of vibrant and exciting colours as beetles from Thailand appear to be.

The first phase should answer these two questions and help me move into phase two of my project for the study group.

1. will 10 or 12 dpi reed provide the best perception of color from the viewers standpoint? I started with a 10 dpi reed way back when but switched to a 12 but can't remember why. Perhaps the old loom was 10 the new had a 12? Just can't remember....

2. what color warp will most sharpen the colours I chose? In particular what warp colour should I use and how will it impact the my other colour selections?

Of course, this first phase will answer a few other questions I have had about colour selection in taquete otherwise why else did I put on 2+ yards of warp?

The second phase required me to come up with something to exhibit at our Guild's Weaving and Fiber Fest in November...I am contemplating a Munsell Colour Tree...three dimensional...of course. More later.

ps my black polyester sewing thread [on the left] was quite uncooperative - breaking in at least 12 places...I never have broken warps...oops until now...if the black keeps breaking it is definitely out of this first phase.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Road Trip Home

Nothing better than a convertible for the road trip home from Albuquerque.