Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tie On a Warp - how much faster?

Weavers are an odd bunch,  They have odd habits, save odd bits of stuff, wear odd shoes and wonder odd things.  One thing I have often  wondered is how much faster tie-ing on a warp would be over simply starting a fresh and threading the heddles.   It is obviously faster - but by how much? This is probably not something the majority of the world has wondered about, but today I have the opportunity to check it out.

I have the end of warp I used for slap bracelets which I would like to continue to use and tie on a new warp.  The warp is on my Purrington 8 harness table loom.  I have done this before so it's no big deal. It's just a lot of knots to tie.  I would like to add another warp of the same size next to it so I can weave two slap bracelets in the same pattern at the same time.  I moved the existing warp over so in the end the entire piece will be centered in the reed.  So my existing warp is ready to tie-on.

My Purrington loom read to warp
I am going to put on the new warp first and time how long it takes.  Then I'll work on the existing warp. It should take longer since I need to go through the reed as well as the heddles.  I am interested in how much longer.  So in order to find out, I must get off the computer...

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Merna said...

Odd shoes? Odd habits? Whatever do you mean?