Sunday, February 12, 2006

Everyone's Journey is Different

A Day One Perspective on the Knitting Olympics: I was checking out my favorite blogs yesterday and was somewhat floored by Almost Felted. While I had successfully Cast-On my 80 stitches and gone once around my circular needles, she had completed two hats in the Knitting Olympics on Day One and had expectations for more. We are clearly on different roads to a gold medal.

I did make more progress yesterday getting through the Garter Stitch Event and moving on to Stockinette. I was reassured when a fellow knitter told me I was doing my purl correctly. I think I can now get rid of that nagging feeling that my purl is somewhat backwards. No picture update...just look at the previous one [Day One] ...not much different than its current state after Day Two...just a bit more green showing. Once it gets that 'knitting' look, I will show a progress photo.

I have also discovered I really must concentrate when knitting. No distractions. No TV. So this will be the knitting Olympics without actually watching the Olympics. Yesterday at our Guild meeting, I was knitting through a slide presentation and suddenly realized I had heard nothing the speaker had said! I put away the needles and watched the slides.

Here is what I did at an afternoon workshop on Polymer Accessories for your Handwoven Garments taught by Norma Pavely and Laurie Shaffer...I'm not much of bead or jewelry person but it was a fun class and will be useful when I need that special button for something I have woven or knitted. It was fascinating to see how one can mix, roll, cut and shape clays to make different designs.

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