Friday, February 10, 2006

Ready Sett Go!

Well the Olympics started today and so I started on my knitting sampler. I had a number of false starts but finally with a change in yarn color I completed my Cable Cast On and the First Round. The cast on stitches were a bit tight but the first round was much looser. The two didn't connect real well but I guess future rounds will make it come together. After I did it over two or three times each time re-reading the directions and it came out looking the same...I figured well, that's the way it's gonna be!

Take a look...not much to look at yet...but a sampler is a sampler and it must start somewhere. The picture of the sampler in the manual is pretty funky looking! Looks a bit like a good sweater for a very lumpy dachshund.

I must admit this is going to be much harder than I envisioned. But it is only the first day and only the first two 'events'.

Future events include the following:

Garter Stitch
Stockinette Stich
Making connections
Three Ribbings
Short Rows
Chain Selvedge
Cardigan Borders
Sweatshirt Pocket
Bar increase
Three Types of Stripes
Raglan Seamline Decreases - 6 ways
Two Color Knitting
Weaving - I should be good at this!
Swiss Darning
Knitted Cord
Lacing Round or Row
Knitted Belt
Knitted Cord Cast Off
Casting Off in Ribbing
The Initiated Hem
An Afterthought Pocket
The Ends

Once I complete this whole list of knitting techniques I should be able to knit anything! Pretty good for a non-knitter!

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