Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It Looks Like Knitting!

It certainly grew since the last picture from the end of Day Three ! This sampler in the round is now too big for my chihuahuas to model. I added some K1 P1 ribbing, followed by some twisted ribbing and then some K2 P2 ribbing. And finally, I learned how to change the color! Thank goodness, that green was getting quite boring. It's quite amazing...it looks like knitting.

I must say, this is quite a learning experience, stitches kept mysteriously appearing and disappearing so I had to add some markers every 20 so I could more easily figure out if I had lost or adopted a stitch by mistake. I had several 'ahh' moments - one was when I read the instructions for the twisted ribbing and discovered I had been doing the knit stitch from the back the entire time.

I do like Sweater Workshop book quite a bit so I ordered one for myself. Yes, Merna you will get your book back soon! It has lots of helpful hints on how to make something without a pattern but without winging it. I already have lots of ideas for the chihuahua sweaters. They should look quite brillant.

The next few Events are quite technical. I read about Chain Selvedges and Cardigan Borders... will need to read them several more times before I move forward. After that there is the ever popular Button Hole and Sweatshirt Pocket Events.


Anonymous said...

Just feed those puppies-then they will fit!

Leah said...

Coming along nicely! Here's 2 other 'no pattern sweater' books to look at - especially if/when you want to branch out from the raglan style - Knitting from the Top Down by Barbara Walker and Knitting in the Old Way by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. Knitting in the Old Way uses %'s like the Sweater Workshop does, they're both based somewhat on Elizabeth Zimmermann's Percentage System (her books are good too.)