Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Weaving During the Olympics

Can you weave during the Knitting Olympics?

My answer is yes! I made some progress this afternoon on my beetles. I was going for an Indian mudtone look. The photo makes it look a bit more orange than it really is. I am thinking of doing one in red-white & blue colors to celebrate the USA in the Olympics.

Does anyone have any suggestions for future beetle colors? I should have enough warp to do at least a dozen more beetle color permutations. There should be four colors - one for the frame, one for the background, one to outline the beetle and one for the inside of the beetle. Just let me know in the comment section. If I have the colors in my thread collection and my experience says the colors may work well in taquete - then I'll try it out!

All this weaving talk - does this mean I have been ignoring my Knitting? Of course not - two more Events finished [but clearly not mastered] this morning.

Quite a difficult task this Cardigan Border on a mini placket with a button hole, slips, cast offs and more. It took me awhile to figure out what and where the border was since I seemed to be knitting a cylinder. Actually there were two borders - hence many of my early errors. I had never heard the term placket so to knit one was quite a challenge. My first button hole was on the wrong border ...but then that button hole disappeared somehow...the second one was somewhat in the right area and I made sure it did not disappear. Then there was the 'knit flat' vs.' in the round' issue...since I have only knitted in the round on circular needles this added some more difficulties with when to knit or purl and whether to do it from the front or from the back. I would say, the stockinette section just competed has a great deal of 'visual interest', uniqueness ,texture and negative spaces...few would recognize it as stockinette!

I also discovered it is better for me to leave a mistake in than try to take it out and knit it again...I have not had the lesson on how to rip knitting out...although I must admit I am getting better at it. I must continue to mumble my mantra...this is a sampler...this is a sampler...this is a sampler...this is a sampler and I am not in OZ where everything must be perfect. [I know...I'll sew on a really cool button...then everyone will notice the button and not the knitting! My older sister always says that if you want someone not to notice something give them something else to notice. And I did make all those buttons in that workshop last week...]

I just found out I was accepted into the Purling Puppies WebRing. How could I not join...I just love purling and I love puppies! And they have such a cute button!

Good grief!!! Have you seen the clock on YarnHarlot's blog? There is a countdown to the end of the Olympics! Only 10 days and around 20 hours to go...and I have 16 Events to go!

Gotta go knit!


Merna said...

Purple & yellow, with a bit of orange sounds like a good beetle to me.

Fiberscriber said...

I also got some good suggestions from Judi with some purple also...once my red, white & blue piece is complete...out will come the purple!

yogi said...

what about black and red?

Fiberscriber said...

Boy, I need to start weaving again. Hopefully, the Knitting Sampler will be done tomorrow so I can weave again! I miss my beetles.