Friday, February 17, 2006

To Knit or To Box

Big mistake! Do not try to have a dog model a knitting sampler without securing the ends of the circular needles. I was looking for an interesting way to display my progress on my 'learn to knit' sampler. It is shaped like a cyclinder and look way bigger than my dog. So I figured 'why not?' I put it on him...remember I only put in one placket so there was only one hole for a dog's foot...bad idea...long nails...squirmy dog...lots of loops came off the needles...ah and learn. I looked around for a more cooperative model and found my wooden Australian platypus ....not exactly the same shape but it does provide a good view of my progress.

So let's see...since starting the sampler I straightened out my knitting and purling; hopefully making the correct way a habit. I have learned the cable cast on, a garter stitch and the stockinette stitch. I have learned to fix a broken piece of yarn and change the color of yarns. I can knit three different types of ribbing and add a stripe. I can do a short row, a cardigan border on a mini placket with a button hole and a very cute sweatshirt pocket. The pocket shows well in white on blue in the photo. In the last couple of days I also learned to increase and four or more ways to decrease plus make three types of stripes; a knit stripe, a purl stripe and a raised stripe.

Phew! That's a lot to learn for a new knitter; particular since the start of the Olympics!

Coming up next -
Two color knitting which looks like fun.
Weaving & darning
Knitted cords, belts, loops and lace
Lots of ways to cast off
An afterthought pocket
Grafting, lacing, hemming and what to do about all those ends.

Although two color knitting looks like fun I could use a break. Fortunately I've got a workshop planned on making boxes. So I am off to box.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to order 4 Australian platypus coats. Please list price and size availibility. One of my platypuses is an extra large. Do yo want me to measure him? Inseam to inseam?


Fiberscriber said...

Is the platypus named Scooter? And does she need one for each season?