Monday, June 30, 2008

Shaped Tapestry

I took a one day seminar with Susan Iverson on shaped tapestry in Tampa. It was quite interesting. Something light, amusing and a bit intriguing. Susan had a tapestry at the Leaders Exhibit of a portrait with three shapes coming oddly out of his forehead - she achieved this with a technique she called shaped tapestry.

My sample is in the photo. I achieved the curved effect by weaving a straight piece with five triangular spacers on one side. Once I took the piece off the loom, I pulled the warp ends so the negative space from the spacers disappeared making the piece curve. The pink 'nose' and two green eyes were achieved with rectangular spacers.

The weaving is easy. The pulling of the warp is clearly the most fun part of the entire workshop. Susan had slides which she should both her own and the work of her students using this technique.

I have no idea what I would use this technique for, but I am glad I took the workshop. It provides a useful tool for my weaving toolbox.

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