Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ebb Tide Exhibit

Here is a photo of the Ebb Tide Exhibit at Convergence in Tampa. The blue yardage with the two sailboats and START at the top is mine.

All the pieces were hung down from a rotunda. There were enough pieces to go all the way around. You could view from above or below. From below they had a list of the pieces, names and artists. All the pieces look spectacular.

On the top level they had the samples along with the descriptions. It was a bit hard to view from the top level since the samples and descriptions were right above where the yardage was hanging. I would touch the sample then kind of hang over the railing to get a good view of the yardage. I would then go around the rotunda to get a better view of a specific piece but would be distracted by another sample to touch.

But hey, it made everyone stay longer and enjoy the pieces more!


Merna said...

Your piece looks wonderful -- especially when I click on the picture to enlarge it! The two transparent pieces look interesting too.

Anonymous said...

How gorgeous your piece turned out!

What a fun way to display them all. I bet it was quite a cool sight, indeed.