Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedge Weave Bricks

Here is a photo of the bricks from last week and today's Brick Wednesday. This is a nice project since I know I only have to weave one brick on each Wednesday...or I can do more. Last week I didn't feel like weaving. Today I was quite busy packing.

These bricks are my first attempts at an intentional wedge weave. You can see the edges bulging out already and the tension is still reasonably tight. I just noticed on the photo that I have some warp peeking out in places...this must have happened after I finished weaving since I can't believe I would have allowed warp to show as I wove. Perhaps, I will need to beat the yarn in harder so it doesn't shift exposing the warp.

Next Wednesday I will try some virtual brick weaving...I'll be travelling and my counterbalance floor loom doesn't travel well.

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