Monday, June 09, 2008

Now What to Do?

I have that post completion let down. You know, that feeling you have when you work super hard to get stuff done for a deadline and then you are abruptly done with what seems like nothing to do. Once complete there is a certain eerie calmness; like floating around in the ocean with nowhere to go.

I have sixteen pieces being shown in a variety of exhibits and galleries in Florida around the time of Convergence. Getting everything finished and out the door to the right place by the right time took what seemed like months. I also had to get a CD made for the National Fiber Arts Exhibit in Escondido. That went into the mail today. I also had a special small secret project to finish...and it's done too.

Now what to's not Wednesday so I can't weave a brick. But someone commented that she works with wedge weave on her tapestries and that got me thinking...perhaps I should weave a brick or two in wedge weave. I have never done wedge weave intentionally before so it would be fun to try it.

Early in my weaving life I wanted to weave a perfectly square tapestry...actually three squares inside each other...I was really inspired and 'into' Albers' squares . Since I really didn't like to sew slits I thought it would be a good idea to weave the three squares on a diagonal to avoid the slits. Looked absolutely beautiful on the loom. But once I took it off however, the tapestry came to life, twisted around and ended up in a pyramid shape.

I couldn't believe what happened so I wove the same thing two or three more times...each time weaving it tighter and beating harder. But it always came out the same. It didn't matter, once I took the piece off the loom it went from a 2-D square to a 3-D pyramid.

In the end I stuffed and sewed them. Here's a photo of them resting next to a carved wooden platypus from Australia. I get a kick out of these pieces every time I see them.

So weaving an intentional wedge weave brick is on the queue for Wednesday. But what to do now?

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