Sunday, December 30, 2007

Do I Knit?

Wondering if I still knit?

Remember I started a yellow scarf awhile ago? It was the pattern on September 22nd of the knitting calendar. It's done! [This is why I stick to scarves...check the would take me a decade to finish a sweater!]

I really like it. It's a simple yellow cotton scarf with rows of perle. However, I just could not resist unravelling three stitches on each edge to add a fringe. I did make it shorter so as it lengthens it won't be down to my knees. It feels great around the neck...soft and warm.

It is fortunate that the scarf is done [and the maze]...since Santa brought me this real cool knitting book to get me back into the fun nuances of knitting. It has all these interesting shapes to try out

Now I just have to get some yarn....

ps. let's not discuss that one other KWIP...the shadow weave scarf
...I simply hate having projects not completed...

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