Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Shadow Grows Longer

And there is some progress on my shadow knitting...last time you saw this scarf it looked like this. As you can see it has progressed a bit.

I found that if I laid my knitting out in plain sight next to my table loom, I would end up taking a weaving break and knit a few sets. So all this recent progress was done as I worked on a recent guild project - a fiber bookmark exchange. [more on that tomorrow]

This shadow knitting takes some thought. I always need to have my little directions near by. No knitting this scarf while sailing-although I must say the color selection is turning out quite nautical. Hard to believe the dye is called wedgewood blue.

I wonder sometimes why I make these things so complicated. On my first real shadow knitting project - - did I really need graduated dyed yarn...did the scarf have to be on a diagonal...did I have to have the shadow stripe circle up the scarf...Ah well...I think it looks pretty cool on both the front and back.

I am not sure I like the three stitch straight border on the sides. I may end up removing that and transforming it into fringe. I am trying to figure out if that would wreck the triangular shape of the scarf. I think if I am careful and not pull the yarn too much when I knot the loops it will work out...but I have lots more time to consider finishing as I knit on.

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Un said...

Hmmm, maybe you don't want ALL of your scarves fringed. The diagonal shadow spiraling does look cool!