Monday, August 07, 2006

A Conga Line of Beetles

Here are the bookmarks I took off the loom the other day to rest. I am participating in another bookmark exchange, this one requires 13 bookmarks made in any technique just as long as it is made of some type of fiber. They are due to be exchanged at the end of the month so there is plenty of time for finishing. Once I get the others back I will load them all onto the Fiber Bookmark Exchange blog for all to admire.

I used black warp to explore how it impacts the color of the pieces. I like the effect - the colors come out much more saturated and intense. I also tried to vary the way the pieces were finished at the ends. Since I am using black warp with a black woven frame all the way around the piece, having black fringe at the bottom will look good. I should end up with 24 bookmarks...enough for the exchange, enough for my sample book and enough for Christmas presents.

I found some nice plastic paper to wrap them in at Michaels. By wrapping them, it's OK for people to handle the pieces and I don't have to worry about them getting dirty or snagged on anything. Since the plastic is clear, you can see the front and back. I am going to try signing the back with fabric paint and see how that works too.

But no finishing of these bookmarks until I finish the yardage on my eight harness floor loom. I need that loom for another project. The yardage I won't need until the holidays and hopefully by then I can also squeeze in a summer and winter lapel for the holiday jacket I have in mind.

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