Sunday, December 30, 2007

Maze is off the Loom

My Regatta Maze came off the loom yesterday afternoon - all 13 feet worth!

Whew! What a relief. Now all I have to do is weave an eight inch by eight inch sample and I am on my way.

Oh there is some finishing and final tweaking. I put the finishing and tweaking into two categories. The first is the grand tweaking - knotting and snipping the edges and ends that abound as well as removing some of the pressure lines plus a hem on the top and the bottom. These are what must be done so I can get a good photo to send the judges. The second category of tweaks are the detailed ones which could go on for weeks. There are for close up viewing.

The entire piece looks fabulous. The colors are good and the small images do not pop out and distract from the maze. The downside is that it is incredibly difficult to work yourself through the maze since it is so long and the route is circuitous. I am sure a few daring souls will attempt it...but I can see it will be necessary to provide a chart showing the route for all the other viewers who get lost.

...and you say...where is the photo?

...well my camera is on vacation - off sailing in the Windward Islands...but fortunately Santa brought me a new camera guaranteed to take fabulous close ups. I took some photos of the two sail boats at the top of the maze as well as the starting line. Taking pictures was a snap! They look great. Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to get the pictures out of the camera onto my computer.

I have tried everything on my I am off to my DH's computer...then to the memory card reader as last resort.

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Merna said...

How cool -- the maze off the loom! I can't wait to see it. What camera did Santa pick for you?

You're such an inspiration. My last-in-the-series wedge weave tapestry is also off the loom, dampened and resting. The edges look great, but one interior part needs some tweaking.