Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ready for the Maze

It took awhile but I am finally at the point that I get to start weaving the maze. I am a bit over 10% complete...

The sail is done. The shimmery white I selected looks good. I am a bit disappointed by the blue flag - I did it in a shiny metallic blue. I thought it would pop more from the piece. It does just need the right light. I may embellish it later depending upon how the entire piece looks.

Each of the flags or symbols I incorporate into the piece will represent something from our nautical navigation days. Here the blue flag represents the Finish Line flag that the race officials would normally fly at the end of a race. The next symbol will be 'shallow water' markings you would see on a nautical chart.

I am looking foward to starting the maze. With the wind at my back, I should sail quickly through the piece.

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