Saturday, November 10, 2007

I have finished the FINISH

Despite what the word spells out this is only the beginning of my latest project. The is the beginning...or the end so to speak of the maze I am weaving for the yardage exhibit of Convergence 2009.

What you see here is a minimal part of a 259 block-row piece. Each block has 7 back and forth of the shuttle...I did the calculation as to what percentage is finished and it is way too small to admit.

The maze here is going to have a regatta theme. Near the top of the photo you can see the beginning of a sail...there will be more. I am trying to remember that the focus of the piece is not the bottom...but the maze itself. I keep wanting to enhance and embellish this bottom part.

I have tried many things to remove those nasty worms that form due to the inconsistent tension in the warp threads. The turquoise warp seems to have the worst problems while the lite blue has the least. They are both 100% polyester but obviously there is some difference. I won't go through all the things I have adjusted, tinkered with, pulled, tied, lashed etc.

I am now trying what I call the 'squirrel' approach...using nuts to weigh down the various threads. You can see I have attached key rings to bunches of warp and used a nut to weigh them down. I didn't have enough key rings for each of the 25 blocks so I have combined those that are similar in looseness. By using the same size nut, all the thread should have a similar tension. Time will tell.

Although I still seem to be having a bit of a tension issue with the warps on shaft 7. I am nevertheless plowing ahead. I will attempt a special massage once off the loom with a needle and a bit of spritz. Hopefully, that will remove the tension worms at the bottom of the piece...or I will embellish them to made them part of the piece....Time will tell.

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Merna said...

Nice finish! Beautiful color, too. When the end is in sight, will we see "start"?

And very cute weights, safer than lead fishing weights.