Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Starting to be a Maze

Well, after one day of weaving I am now over 20% done. Things are moving nicely along. And yes, it finally looks like a maze. From now on, the photos should look fairly similar to this one...just with slightly different nautical signs here and there.

The path of water through the maze is in slowly changing shades of emerald green and turquoise. The dark blue stays dark blue except for the underlying changes in metallic and foam which floats underneath the two colors on top. These underlying colors peek out here and there giving the piece depth and subtle color changes. The warp also changes colors across adding another dimension to the piece. I look forward to seeing how it all works out.

The material is eighteen inches wide and with the fringe it measures out to nineteen inches. I need to make seven passes back and forth for a row to match a column in size. I am now on row 203 and have a total of 259 ignoring the hem on the top.

I have yet to project a finishing time...the time I sail by the Starting Line. Maybe I'll do the calculations tomorrow just to make sure I can finish in time. Once finished I will need to weave a sampler that goes in with the entry form. It needs to be perfect. Fortunately it is only eight inches by eight inches. I should have enough warp already on the loom to pull it off...fingers crossed.

ps here's my tapestry Harvest Moon which I just finished...

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