Sunday, November 18, 2007

Warning - Fish Haven

Weaving continues on the maze...

I just finished that white section near the top of the photo. It is a warning sign for a Fish Haven. If you see that on your nautical chart - don't go there!

I have been experimenting with different metallic and shimmering threads. I have holoshimmer, sliver and metallic threads from Sulky - all in a variety of colors. I also bought some shimmering thread by Nomis at Nettie's during their recent liquidation sale. [Nettie's is an embroidery store in Beverly Hills which is going out of business this month. Most everything is 70% off. If you are near by, its worth a drop by - great tapestry wool yarn, knitting yarns and tons of other stuff.]

The holoshimmer thread is quite visible due to its intense mirror like qualities. Others are more subtle and only reflect a bit when the light is in the right spot. So far I have only been using the light emerald green colors and the white. I still get to experiment with the many blue metallics that I have. I also have some lavenders which might be a nice touch here and there.

This is one of the ways I keep interested while weaving so many yards of material in such fine threads.

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