Thursday, February 22, 2007

Colors to Soothe the Soul

Here are the first results of my dyeing using the leftover dyes from the Sara Lamb class I took last week. The yarn is 100% silk.

The colors from right to left are yellow, turquoise, orange, scarlet and trash green. The photo is true to the what was called yellow turned out green. I assumed this happened since the silk was not white it was more of a blueish grey. Of course, there could have been contamination of the yellow - - it was a long and somewhat messy class! The trash green was an amalgamation of any dyes folks used which where greenish. They all went into one bucket. I also have some trash red...which I dyed the next day.

I like the colors but was hoping for more contrast. Turns out all the colors I dyed are pretty much the same value. Check out the black and white photo of the yarns all balled up and ready to be woven. I will definitely need to dye up some dark colors before the tapestry class in March. I need a couple of high contrast colors. I am thinking of a rich purple and perhaps a dark green.


Charleen said...

I've heard you should use black & white photos to help you determine value and yours is proof positive that it works! Sometimes silk needs an extra long scouring to remove all the sericin. That might account for the unexpected colors too.

Valerie said...

I love the black and white photo idea! That would work well for designing fair isle patterns in knitting too! Thanks for giving us a demonstration.