Monday, February 12, 2007

Sara Lamb Workshop

Here are my completed dye samples from the Sara Lamb workshop I took this weekend. Quite a few samples for a day and half.

I decided to put my samples on a key chain - like a painter's sample book. I find putting anything from a workshop into a notebook is the kiss of death. Once in that notebook on that shelf - all it will do is gather dust until we move. By putting the finished samples on a key chain hanging in plain sight I will now have another useful tool for my endeavors.

In lieu of painting a warp in the afternoon of the second day, I took some sample leftover dyes home. So, now it's time to dye up some tapestry yarn for the next workshop!


Unknown said...

Love your keychain idea. I'm wondering if you could laminate the cards to proect them?
Thanks for sharing. Myrna

Charleen said...

I took a day long class with Sara a few years ago. I refer to her handout all the time. What a great teacher. I like your idea of putting them on a key chain too.