Monday, February 26, 2007

A Better Value Scale

Well, I dyed some more yarn to achieve a better set of value contrasts. Here is a picture with the results. Much better than what I had before.

The Createx 'black' that I dyed in the lower right pushed to a lovely dark green. I also dyed a marine blue and a violet which came out quite close in hue and value. They were Createx dyes also. The Havana browns, from a procion dye, turned out to be lighter values than I expected. So not having enough low values I used up some leftover Rit dark brown to get the dark brown in the lower left.

The upper left is a light blue grey which was the base yarn. It's a 12/2 silk which I cooked overnight at low in a crock pot per Sara Lamb's suggestion prior to dyeing.

So now, all I need to do is warp my baby shannock tapestry loom at 10 epi and I am all ready for my tapestry workshop in March.

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