Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Returning Home

I finally broke down and decided to move up to sixteen harnesses...so I had to make some room in my studio for the new arrival.

I decided it was time the eight harness table loom which I used to weave my yardage for the Great Lengths Exhibit to return home to its rightful owner. Of course, as my Mother always said. 'one never should go home naked' So, I searched my stash for the appropriate covering and got to work.

Here is the loom...all dressed up and ready to go home after a year of living in my studio. It's a loom with great personality and poise that deserves to be used. It is quite adaptable too - I was able to weave many yards of material with a sprained ankle and one couldn't tell from the finished piece that I had been on crutches for that several weeks of weaving!

Many thanks Hilda! Weave something wonderful...you go girl!

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