Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's Time to Sew

Time for a brief interlude from weaving...time to whip up a Christmas jacket.

Remember that material I finished weaving in's time for it to become a jacket vs. a decoration on the wall. The material had little yellow and gold trees. The trees compressed after they were cut into strips and woven into the material shown in the photo. I also wove some red nubby yarn in a tabby to finish up the warp.

I have gathered all the materials... and must now contemplate how to pull them together into a jacket I can wear for the holidays. I don't follow a pattern...I simply piece it together...somewhat like a crossword puzzle. It often is a real puzzle for me. I think this will be the fourth thing I have sewn. Eventually, I will make something I really like to wear...

That bead scarf should turn into a lapel. Not sure what I will do for the lining...I have three choices ... red... gold...and the actual material which I cut into strips to weave the material on the outside. I could also do a combination. And of course I have piping. What would a jacket be without piping. And pockets! This time I think I will go for side pockets.

Gotta go sew...

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