Thursday, November 30, 2006

All Crackled Out

My samples are done and ready to mail. So that ends this sample exchange for the Crackle Study Group of Complex Weavers. I look forward to getting that big fat envelope around the holidays with everyone's samples.

Before I stop crackl'in I should show a couple more pictures for those in the study group who won't be seeing the samples I kept with me!

On the left is one sample that is staying at my house. It is one of my favorites. It was done with two wefts and a tabby. The two cassette tape wefts are of a light and dark value. The tabby is a 20/2 perle cotton. The center of the pattern is accentuated by using only the tabby. I've studied so much value this year, the tonal qualities are probably what makes it a favorite.

Here is another one that I like a lot has open warp in the center with some cassette tape stamens. It reminds me of my Mother. Some mothers love perfume. Others love candy. My Mother loved negative space and open warps. Like mother like daughter...

And what's next? Time to create something special for the Visalia many possibilities...some crackl'in crackle anyone?

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