Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Colors of the Rainbow?

Colors of the rainbow - not quite! Here are six hues of cassette tape. They are woven with a single weft of cassette tape with no tabby. Those on the left are in their 'natural' state. Those on the right are lightly dusted with spray paint.

I had good and bad results with the spray paint. I didn't do any research into spray paint about which would theoretically work better on cassette tape. I just went to the garage and looked to see what colors were hanging around. I selected three.

The OSHA Yellow for home and industrial use and the Epoxy Chrome both worked well. They provided a light dusting of paint and resulted in very little sticking. The OSHA yellow however did cause the tape to curl lengthwise for some reason but it was still quite usable. The Anti-Rust Enamel in bright red was another story. It worked like a magnet and pulled all the tape together and all the strands tended to stick together. What a mess!

My favorite color is the yellow which pushed green. The chrome is also nice since it really lightens up the piece - particularly when there is a tabby weft included.

The light dusting of the tape creates a variegated look which obscures the pattern of the crackle unless a tabby is added or some sort of inlay. I tried a number of things to make the pattern pop. The one on the left used the OSHA yellow tape as an inlay on the pattern with the tabby running through out. I left some cassette tape popping out in the middle to convey flower stamens.

I've reached the end of my warp and have completed 18 samples. Now all I have to do is write up a description for the sample exchange and then the tough part begins: deciding which ones to keep and which ones to send away.

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Peg said...

aak! You're done! I've done the weaving but I have yet to mend and cut apart, etc.