Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sample One

Here is my first sample on the new loom. It's done in a 3/2 perle cotton for the pattern weft and no tabby. Usually crackle uses a tabby but the instructions don't indicate whether to use one or not. I will sample both ways and see what I like the best.

I have found one issue with the loom. There is not much weaving width. The sweet spot is extremely small. I have to advance the warp about every eight to ten picks. And you really can't see the entire piece so it is difficult to tell whether an error has been made following the pattern. It is pretty easy to see the error when its off the loom due to the symmetry of the design.

As for the design, I wanted a pattern that looked like a flower. This somewhat fits the bill. A bit more simple than I had in my challenge will be to perk it up by the end of these ten samples!

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