Saturday, November 11, 2006

More on the loom

This loom is made of metal and is called a Dick Blick Artcraft Loom. I found a little bit of its history. It looks like they stopped selling them in the late 70's.

Mine has 8 harnesses but I only need four right now so I left the other four off the loom. This makes it quite light to carry around and it is small enough to fit on most any table anywhere.

And what a joy to warp this loom. You can easily pick it up and move it around. No back aches. Everything is easily accessible. I warped back to front with a 5/2 perle baby blue cotton and a 15 dpi reed in about an hour. I even unwound the entire warp and easily re-wound it up again.

The design was part of a crackle pattern I found on I wanted to weave something that had a shape in the middle which I could 'play' around with. The pattern I selected looks like a field of flowers. It should work just fine for the upcoming crackle sample exchange.

Time to weave a sample!

ps for those of you interested in knowing more about sake....

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Anonymous said...

I just bought one at a yard sale for $5 and it was a deal entirly too good to pass up but there's one problem- I don't know how to thread it! This is my first shot at weaving so if you could give me a little insight, I appriciate it. Thanks,