Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sample Two

Here is the second sample of crackle using the weft I want to use. This time I am using a pattern weft of cassette tape instead of perle cotton. When you touch the sample, it provides a nice crackling sound - a lovely double entrendre - crackling crackle.

When weaving, I am using the tape right from the cassette holder so there is no tangling or mess. The only downside is that my weaving space is not very large on this loom...it would be better on my Purrington. I need to advance quite often.

I am using a fairly light beat on this sample. This may be why the sample is still fairly soft to the feel. I had expected it to be stiffer - to almost stand up on its own. But this one actually has a fairly nice drape given that the weft is cassette tape.

The flower pattern doesn't stand out much even though there is a fairly good value contrast between the two colors. I will try adding a tabby in the blue and see how that lightens up the pattern. I have my UKI sample card out by the loom to see if I am not inspired to try a different warp color.

This is the nice thing about sampling....you get to keep trying stuff until you get what you want...or if you don't know what you want...you keep sampling until you create what you should have known you wanted in the first place.

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