Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Finishing off the warp

I finished off that summer and winter in two values of blue and was incredibly disappointed with my selvedges; my edges usually look quite respectable. In addition, although the two blues look quite sophisticated and crisp; the result is not what I had in mind for the piece.

There was still some warp left...so I am going to finish off the warp with some blue and lavender cottolin in the same pattern. The cottolin is thinner than the 3/2 perle cotton so the end result should be a bit less hefty and less shiny. I am also incorporating fringe on the sides to avoid the ragged selvedges that this pattern seems to create.

I am using the light blue 20/2 perle cotton tabby to lock the weft in place while the cottolin goes out to the supplementary warp to create the fringe. This is similar to what I did on the taquete bookmarks I wove.

So far - it's looking quite good.

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