Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More Bookmarks

Missed yesterday due to computer two posts for today... Here are the bookmarks for our Guild's bookmark exchange - after about an hour of finishing.

I first trimmed the loose threads off the back and applied some acrylic gel medium to the ends where I did not weave the ends into a triangle. I am always looking at different ways to keep the ends from unravelling. I initially had the idea of just weaving each end into a triangle shape and tying it off so it would not unravel. Really tough to do on one end...and even on the 'easy' end it was slow going. So I reverted to other ideas.

I used my sharpest and longest scissors to cut the bookmarks along the two areas of fringe and went over the sides several times making sure they were as straight as I could get them. I played around a bit with the tops and bottoms but ended up just cutting most of them straight across. I tried beads on a few but found I had not left enough empty warp to really use beads effectively. I had planned to leave more empty warp between each bookmark but I got nervous that I didn't have enough I made the spaces smaller.

I then wrapped them in plastic and slapped a label on the back describing the piece. All I have to do now is to decide which thirteen to bring to the Exchange!

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