Saturday, April 01, 2006

Progress Report

I feel there has been lots of progress on my various projects but nothing really to take a picture of. So those of you in search of pictures...hit >> and move on...

On my celestial tapestry on the big Shannock I am [still] working the black section above the hem on the bottom. Once this is done, it will become a lot more fun as I get to be creative with all the blending. It's a bit hard to remain patient and keep working the black. I am working five butterflies across in order to provide a good base for the rest of the weaving which makes it slower than simply going all the way across. I am almost at the point when I can start to worry about getting a good curve. And hence I am wondering how tight to make the warp. This loom has the ability to make the warp really really really tight. I am just not sure how tight it should be. The tighter I make it the more potential distortion I will have when the piece comes off the loom. This is actually a double whammy question since I am using a new loom and a warp that I have never used before. Perhaps a good question for the 'tapestry collective'. Perhaps I'll put the question to the tapestry list.

My 'bug' yardage is hanging next to my big Shannock. I am quite excited it is straightening out. When I hung it the first time it was real cockeyed because my warp tension was not uniform during the weaving process. I have been tweaking the piece for the last six weeks or so to see if I can get it to straighten out a bit. In retrospect I wish I had not put the straight lines separating each row of beetles. Those straight lines accentuate the problem. I keep checking with my favorite weaving tool to see if those lines are becoming more horizontal. Yes sir yee...they are straightening out. Whoopee!

Bookmarks are moving along. I have finished 12 with at least 8 to go. Each one is precious with different colors and different beetle patterns. [I am still accepting color suggestions.] I'll probably do as many as the current warp will allow. I can't remember how much warp I put on. Perhaps I mentioned it at the beginning. Guess I'll go back and read my archives! [well I did go back and read that section...if I did what I said...I should have just enough for 20...but sure seems like a lot of warp left...]

Books, books, books what books am I reading? Before going to sleep last night, I read the Yarn Harlot's latest book. I always read her blog and she was instrumental in getting me through my knitting sampler with that insidious Knitting Olympics. For those reasons, I figured why not buy her new book and give it a read. I am going to re-read it again and will provide some insightful nuggets about knitting and me.

I also got Knitting over the Edge by Nicky Epstein. It is billed as the second "essential" collection of over 350 decorative borders. Included are unique ribs, cords [I do so like I-cords], appliques, colors and nouveau. Knitting over the Edge has a similar format to her other book which I liked. I am putting both on my Christmas list for my DOH. [Perhaps he'll just hit the link to Amazon and order them now!] As I was flipping through the book, my eye caught a picture of knitted closed circles which gave me a great idea for a woven sculpture in metal. Off to OSH I went to gather some metal supplies. Now I can work through this new idea as I wait for one of my looms to become free. This is why I like her books...not exactly for the knitting ideas...but for the cross over effect.

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