Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Starting those Bookmarks

I signed up for a handwoven bookmark exchange with bookmarks due before summer so I figure it's a good time to start that project.

I have an empty eight harness table loom impatiently waiting for something to do and a whole list of things I want to test from my recent Beetle Project - particularly in the warping process [I had tons of tangles the last time]. I also wanted to have samples of my beetle designs for my Design Book so I think I will do a combo project - - samples and bookmarks. I just need to decide whether I will weave two or three bookmarks at a time. I figure three will be marginally more time consuming that two but I end up with an extra bookmark for Christmas and birthday gifts. And wouldn't all my friends out there like a beetle for their books?

This is the polyester warp I am using. The bookmark exchange has 20 weavers in it so I figure I may as well make one for everybody. That means I can also get 20 sample designs for my Beetle Design Book. I have 60 different beetle designs so I would end up with samples for about one third of them. Not a bad start! If each book mark is about five inches long; adding some fringe and an extra yard for loom waste - looks like a 4-5 yard warp. Guess I had better get warping!

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