Monday, January 16, 2006

Bookmark Progress

Well not much progress so those bookmarks...nor on my knitting either. Here is the progress on the warping...

I have measured out my warp - the polyester sewing thread. It's off the warping board with the cross protected between bamboo sticks and the thread sitting comfortably in an empty pretzel jar.

I finally decided to weave three bookmarks at a time and try three different methods of measuring out the warp to see what would work better than the absolute mess I had on the last piece I did. My engineer friend [and avid knot person] says that by letting the thread come off vertically from the cone it wrapped around the the other strings and caused all the tangles. He suggested I pull the thread off horizontally. So, I tested that.

Personally, I think it has something to do with the way I measure on two warps at a time. I keep my finger between the two threads and measure on the warp. This is suggested in many books as a way to keep out the tangles. I did this last time and still got tangles. Perhaps the way I am doing it creates vs. removes the tangles! So I am testing this hypothesis too.

So all I need now is the time and inspiration to warp the loom and test my hypotheses. Only 180 warp ends...should not take too long!

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