Monday, January 16, 2006

Something New

Just got back from a trip to Sonoma to return Scooter, my sister's dog, home. She was vacationing with us while my sister was sailing in the Caribbean. Imagine, two adults and five dogs in a mini-van for seven hours.

Here is Scooter napping in the car. Dente is proudly watching from the back of the van. Pokie and Bunkie are staking out the middle seats and Pepper is trying in vain to climb into the front seat.

Another reason we needed the minivan was that I bought a Shannock tapestry loom which I needed to pick up in San Jose and the van was the only car it would fit in. Having returned home, my husband and I just finished putting it all together! See the photo - doesn't it look just great?

...And now I really have a is something else new to entice me away from that knitting sampler I have on queue.


Anonymous said...

That loom looks huge! How wide is it?

Fiberscriber said...

It's a six foot shannock loom. Weighs a ton!

Leah said...

That's a big loom! And looks a bit intimidating as well...

Fiberscriber said...'s February already and there is no warp on this loom! Perhaps I should have joined a weaving Olympics!