Thursday, March 16, 2006

Colors by Judi

I had asked for suggestions for color combinations for the bookmarks I am making for the bookmark exchange. Several folks asked for some purple. Judi actually sent me some pictures with four-color combinations. Here are the bookmarks I finished in one of the color combinations that she suggested.

My camera refused to take a picture of the purple dominant one in purple. It would only come out blue. I had to go into photoshop and change the hue and tint to get it to look like the actual bookmark.

The next ones on queue are

1. red/black
2. grey/pink/dark navy
3. orange, yellow & green - - like a California poppy
4. purple & yellow with a bit of orange

If you have any other suggestions you would like me to try...give me three colors; I need one darker value for the outline and two others for the center and frame. I'll vary the insides of the beetles based on what you selected. I may have to modify your choices a bit based on what thread I have available; I have a huge selection but I am weak on purple...

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