Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Opinions on Squidoo

I was reading a VC blog which mentioned a fairly new site Squidoo which I thought might be useful for me [and you]. Since I love to read through books and record my impressions [for my memory and for your amusement], I thought it would be good to somehow be able to access the various books in an easier way than making an index in my own blog. I thought the Squidoo lens concept might work.

I decided to develop a lens which would act like an index to all my book reviews. I had originally intended to have one lens for all the books but I quickly saw that there were too many and the lens became way too long. So I started with one that just highlights my favorites. I intend to do another lens focusing just on knitting books, another for the weaving books and a third for other books on color theory and the like.

Anyway, here is my first lens on my favorite weaving and knitting books. Check it out. Try creating your own lens. I will let you know when the others are up and running.

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