Friday, April 14, 2006

To Dye Another Day

The weather report indicates rain and thunder expected at ten this morning - exactly when our Dye Day is to commence. Oh well we will dye another day.

I did have time to dry and wind the yarn I dyed earlier this week. The next step will be to knit the yarn and see if the pattern comes out the way I had intended. I just got an email indicating the double point needles I ordered are in the mail so I will wait until I get them before going further on this project.

From a color standpoint, I can already tell:

Top Right: I will need to use red instead of an orange dye to achieve the effect I had inteneded on the yellow yarn . But this more subtle shift from yellow to yellow-orange might be useful in the sculptural piece I am designing.

Bottom Left: The emerald green on the creme yarn is close to what I have in mind but I need a more poppy orange than a lemon yellow.

Top Left: I am seeking subtle shifts from blue-green to green-blue from this yarn. It may be too subtle.

Bottom Left: I wasn't sure that turquoise was what I had in mind when I initially selected the yarns. Now I am more sure it was not. I will have to see how it knits up...the pattern of color changes might be what I want...but not the color. It does go nicely with the yarn on the top left.

More later...

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