Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 was so much more exciting than chapter 6. Have you noticed in most mystery stories about half way through there is some flashback or a long section describing the inner workings of the hero - what haunts her, what motivates her etc. Well, that part, which in my tale is chapter 6, is fairly boring to weave. Plus - I had two broken warp ends...

On a more positive note, here is chapter 7 where at their weekly mahjong game, our hero and her friends work through all the events of the past few weeks. By the third round they are surprised to realize who must be the murderer. Although it is hard to believe, the facts point to only one person -Irma's husband, Max.

As is all mysteries, there is a pivotal moment when the hero realizes she has been heading down the wrong track. This is my hero's moment. The phone rings...

And so begins Act III.

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