Saturday, September 05, 2009

Chapter 5

Here is a photo of chapter 5 of my mystery story. Tomorrow I work on the word version of the story.

In this chapter the hero is curious about a clue which consists of a list of coded words and numbers. The hero and her helpers work to decipher the list and struggle to understand its significance. As everyone begins to realize the list's implications a growing feeling of fear and dread envelopes the group.

I think chapter 5 will be easier to write than chapter 4. It took awhile to even start writing chapter 4 although once I started it was quite fun. I had to create an entire society of weavers and all the interconnections between each other and the other characters I already created for the story. Plus, I didn't want any of them to be exactly like any of the actual weavers I know. And I seem to know a lot of weavers, being in three guilds and all.

It was kinda fun, but time consuming, to decide on age,names, personality, appearance, unique characteristics, how they talked, what type of weaving they focused on and what they brought to show and tell. The Westside Weavers Society ended up being fairly small but exclusive group; a dozen women and one man; all accomplished weavers. They did vote in one new member at the last meeting.

Writing is such a hoot!

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