Friday, July 31, 2009

Ten Feet Off the Loom

Here are the ten feet of my labors over the past couple of months on my sixteen harness loom. Fourteen beetles and a dozen bookmarks for note cards.

I decided to cut the warp and take a look. I was starting to get worried that I was getting a bit crazy with my color selections. I had taken a more methodical approach to color selection as to hue, chroma and value and wasn't sure how they would come out. This more methodical approach was moving further and further from the anatomically correct colors of the beetles. However, I like the end results; more vibrant colors and more stunning designs. I will definitely continue along this path.

These are off to the finishing table and the remaining five yards of warp will be reset and be ready for more beetles as well as some experiments with simultaneous contrast.


charlotte said...

This is just amazing! I love the beetles and the colors.

Deanna said...

How cool to see the full length in all its glory!

Merna said...

Very nice -- and impressive as usual!
But what is the TDF that so inspired you?