Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Warp Ends

I had taken a workshop with Linda Fry called Gamps Galore. The workshop was a round robin affair and my loom was warped with a summer and winter setup. My loom/pattern was not too popular so I had a bunch of leftover warp.

To keep my sanity, as the days to Color Connects countdown quickly I decided to weave a bit everyday on the leftover warp in a nice friendly beetle patten. Nothing more calming than a beetle. I modified the tie up a bit so there would only be one pattern and used a multi-colored rayon/linen weft as the patten weft.

I designed a quick beetle and wove it over and over again in taquete. I really have never woven taquete in just two colors...I am normally using at least 3 but more likely 4 or 5 shuttles with different colors. It's comforting using only 2 shuttles...and is quite easy to weave. The result is nice since the pattern shows up on both sides - the basic summer and winter concept.

I will eventually use this in a jacket or something like that. I have several cones of complimentary yarns which I bought many many years ago. Eventually I will get to weaving the yardage to go with this piece. That's a longer term project...

In the short term, I am going to try this in silk. I'd love to have a scarf with beetles on it with a really nice drape.

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Deanna said...

How cool!!!

What sett did you decide to use for the 20/2 silk?