Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I finally found some time to work on pulling my spiral tapestry. And this evening I just finished the pulling. Hard to believe that was 13 yards of material!

This piece is going to be exhibited in the Spectrum show at Color Connects - the ASCH fiber conference in Riverside Ca in early March. On the entry form I had to say how big it was. Since I really had no idea of how big it would be I indicated it was smaller than a bread box. It sure would fit in my bread box...at least in this configuration.

It's now resting. Tomorrow I will play with it a bit...then...snipping, sewing, ironing, weaving the ends and figuring out the best way to display. What fun!

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Merna said...

Cool -- can't wait to see how you decide to display it. It won't be smaller than a breadbox I'll bet.