Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spiral Tapestry - almost done

I have been having a fun time finishing this tapestry. It is probably the first time I have really have enjoyed the finishing process. I am also excited about the end result.

What I am doing here is drying the yellow orange warp in the middle of the photo. I just dyed the white warp that color to match the yellow weft in the piece. I may add a few beads there and that's it.

The warps at each end were twined with my handy four clip fringer. Remember that I pulled about 13 yards of warp through the tapestry so was lots remaining on each end. One side I cut off fairly short. The other end...the one wrapped in also twined but the ends are not short. The longest end is probably 6 yards long. It took awhile to twine those puppies. I was standing all the way down the hallway. I keep them wrapped up to avoid tangling.

It's a great organic piece. I tried hanging it but gravity gives it much too uniform look. It is much more interesting just 'lying' around.

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Notes from Nicki said...

Ah the best laid plans...that little bit of warp I just dyed yellow...the green bled into now I have a greenish yellow blending into a yellow orange...didn't do that at either figure! So back to musing...